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About Sam


Sam Royko is an attorney, advocate, and proud Chicagoan. 

After his girlfriend was a victim of a carjacking in Wicker Park, Sam spearheaded a community effort to draw attention to the unprecedented increase in violent crime throughout West Town. Through this experience, Sam recognized a need for stronger leadership in the 1st Ward and was inspired to run for Alderman. 

As Alderman, Sam will be an advocate for working families, help make our neighborhoods safer, address the root causes of crime, and improve our community. Sam will always listen to the needs of residents and provide efficient and responsive constituent services while helping Logan Square, Palmer Square, Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village, East Village, West Town, Noble Square, and Pulaski Park continue to grow into the best neighborhoods in Chicago.

As a candidate, Sam has collaborated with community members to successfully advocate for a 14th District Entertainment Task Force focusing on Division Street and Milwaukee Avenue. When neighbors were worried about repeated gun violence and a shooting death outside of a local business, Sam helped concerned residents and small business owners take action to hold bad actors accountable. 

Sam’s father was the columnist Mike Royko, who took on the political machine and exposed corruption in the city. Sam shares his late father’s values of putting people first and standing up for what’s right. He continues to be inspired and motivated by his father’s impact on the city. 

After losing his father at an early age, Sam struggled with the loss and eventually dropped out of high school. During this time, he worked in customer service to make ends meet while studying for his GED. Sam attended DePaul University where he received a BA in Politics. He is a graduate of Georgetown Law Center and a licensed attorney.

Sam and his girlfriend Erin live in West Town with their two cats, Mika and Alta.

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