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Sam Royko's 1st Steps for a Stronger 1st Ward.

Provide Excellent Constituent Services.

Deliver fast, reliable, and responsive services to address resident requests for the unique needs of each block in the ward.

Work Together for Safer Neighborhoods. 

Hire police officers to fill vacancies and increase beat patrols, add safety cameras, increase youth and anti-violence programming, and reinvigorate community policing to build trust and get officers assigned to our neighborhoods rather than citywide task forces and desk jobs.

Address the Root Causes of Crime. 


Invest more in affordable housing, mental health, and job opportunities so we can make a long-term impact and help our most vulnerable neighbors and communities historically left behind.

Improve Our Community. 

Advocate for safer bike lanes, better parking for small businesses, dependable public transit, and increased funding for local schools and parks.


Support Local Schools.

Increase support for under-funded schools in collaboration with the community to improve enrollment, secure more resources, and ensure our children receive the quality education they deserve.


What is important to you?

Share what issues are important to you with Sam and his team.

Thanks for your feedback!

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