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All voters need to know that Sam Royko is the candidate who will tackle crime and make our community safe. Specifically, voters should know that:

  • Royko knows police alone can’t solve the problem. He’s dealt with homelessness and mental health directly in his family and knows the system to support people is broken. He’ll address the root causes of crime by getting more affordable housing, expanding mental health treatment, and investing in communities that have historically been left behind.

  • Royko will improve safety in the immediate term by filling vacant police positions, getting more officers out walking a beat in our community instead of sitting at desks or in their cars, and he’ll install more cameras and hire more detectives to make sure crime is getting solved.

  • Royko is the son of journalist Mike Royko who held the powerful accountable and put the interests of working people first. Sam Royko will carry those values into his work as Alderman by being independent and putting the needs of constituents and the ward ahead of politics

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